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    First and foremost, we are here to serve you. As global trading specialists in Asia and the Pacific Rim, North and South America, and Europe, we offer expertise and experience in trading frozen, canned, freeze-dried and shelf-stable fruits and vegetables. Our goal is simple: bring buyer and seller together and provide extraordinary service and competitive pricing so that each transaction is worry-free and profitable for both parties. One-sided profits do not make good business and we are looking for long and lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers.


    For over forty years, Noon International has actively traded in food and food-related products worldwide. Anyone wanting to establish long-term and profitable trade with China for example, must spend an inordinate amount of time building such trusted relationships known as “guanxi.” Our relationships provide a network of suppliers and customers for safe, healthy food products in bulk, retail and food service applications that will meet FSMA requirements. We consider the value of this “priceless” and invite you to join us now and become part of this valuable safe food network serving buyers and sellers alike in the food industry.


    Over the years, the food industry has matured and buyers and sellers alike now have easy access to world markets. The power of technology and the Internet has made the world a much smaller place and general manufacturing processes and company infrastructures are visible to all. In this “transparent” environment, success belongs to the industry leaders (both large and small) throughout the world whose company philosophies support their core business.


    Our Business Strategy Is Your Competitive Edge

    Trading in the healthy, safe food business is a two-way process that requires us to act as both buyer and seller depending on the particular transaction. For example, if you want to export your products to the U.S. market and have no contacts or experience here, our team of import experts will provide extensive marketing, sales, support and service minimizing the cost and time spent by your company. This is a critical component when it comes to meeting the new requirements of the FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program). In order to meet the new FSMA guidelines, whoever you sell to in the USA is responsible for your verification as a foreign supplier. We will take care of your verification.


    On the other side, if you’re a North American producer and want to export your food products to South and Central America, Asia and South East Asia, Australia, Europe or New Zealand, our export division is your main contact. Utilizing the experience of experts saves your company time and money and allows access to our worldwide database of approved food buyers and sellers. Understanding your business and marketing needs is essential – including logistics and shipping, product procurement, documentation, regulatory and label requirements, packaging design, consulting services, knowledge in all areas of food safety with particular emphasis on the new FSMA guidelines.


    This is a time of social responsibility, when all parties involved in the food chain must be accountable for their actions and products. FSMA has and will continue to rapidly change our industry and those who are not compliant will fail. At Noon International, we are dedicated to assisting our global suppliers, importers and exporters to meet the latest FSMA requirements for seamless international transactions. Customers today expect safe and healthy food and Noon International delivers this promise through our worldwide network of trustworthy and quality partners.


    As one of America’s oldest food importers and exporters serving buyers and sellers of the food industry worldwide since 1976, we are dedicated to improving and extending the lives of people throughout the world by providing safe and healthy food – a vision that is shared by Noon’s owners, shareholders, all employees and our local and global business partners. Please partner with us today!







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    Sales & Sourcing – Knowing How and When to Buy

    • We offer spot business or contractual pricing.  Knowing when to buy allows us to secure top-quality products at best pricing levels.
    • Evaluation of your product for intended market.
    • Screening of potential customers and distributors to handle your products.
    • Assistance in establishing competitive pricing in target markets.
    • Negotiate workable terms and pricing and secure orders.
    • Source hundreds of competitively priced products for you through our extensive approved network of safe food suppliers.
    • Design your label and packaging according to foreign requirements with package translation and specialized packaging sizes and requirements.
    • Arrange product testing and pre-shipment verification to meet FSMA requirements.
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    • Expand your customer base through private-label branding.  For ideas on how to expand your product line and increase customer loyalty, read our report on Private Label Branding at www.noonfoodnetwork.com/Marketing
    • Cultural product adaptation including flavor profiling for easy market access.
    • Online and offline marketing strategies.
    • Specialized product request – we are continually looking for and finding new products for niche markets including organic, sustainable and super-healthy foods.  \
    • Full communication in your native language including English, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish.
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    Market Surveillance & Intelligence/FSMA Compliance

    • We demystify the FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) for importers and exporters.
    • How to bring your company and plants into FSMA compliance.
    • Reports on latest government and country regulations.
    • FDA Updates that pertain to this industry.
    • Weekly Global Crop Reports – go to www.noonfoodnetwork.com/FoodReport
    • Growing Cycle Charts (U.S. & Worldwide).
    • Traceability, Pesticide Residue Analysis, Shelf Life, Pathogens.
    • Quality Control Expertise:  sanitation, plant inspections, source reliability reports, micro analysis, foreign material and product specifications.
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    Logistics & Shipping

    • Arrange all inland rail or truck transport, ocean freight and delivery to point of export or final destination with appropriate documentation handling plan.
    • Documentation checklist will be provided to enable you to review all requirements carefully prior to shipment so process of import/export moves smoothly.
    • Introduce and utilize our reliable and long-term customs broker network for import/export procedures.
    • Latest updates on government regulations, import/export requirements and restrictions, product certification and regulatory controls by country.
    • Storage and distribution services.
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    Consulting Services

    • Our newest division includes one-on-one consultation with food buyers and sellers throughout the world who want access to the North American market or wish to source products from North America.  The Food Service Modernization Act (FSMA) has dramatically changed the requirements for both importers and exporters alike and compliance with these regulations is now mandatory.  If you currently export products to the USA or you are an importer of record, we can assist you with compliance services that can be integrated in accordance with your company’s requirements. 





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    Check with Sales for Organic and Conventional availability.


    Frozen Vegetables

    Baby Corn
    Bell Peppers
    Butternut Squash
    Carrot Puree
    Corn on the Cob
    Corn Puree
    Green Bean Puree
    Green Beans
    Mixed Vegetables
    Sliced Celery
    Stir Fry Mixes
    Sugar Snap Peas
    Tomatoes, Diced
    Vegetable Purees

    Canned Products




    Black Beans*

    Blackeyes Peas

    Butter Beans




    Garbanzo Beans*

    Green Beans*

    Green Peas*

    Kidney Beans*

    Mixed Vegetable


    Pinto Beans*




    Sugar Snap Peas




    *Available Conventional and Organic

    Frozen Asian Vegetables

    Baby Corn
    Bamboo Shoots
    Bean Sprouts
    Edamame w/Pod (Soy)
    Edamame, Shelled (Soy)
    Garlic Sprout
    Leek Flower
    Lotus Root
    Pea Pods/Mange Tout
    Stir Fry Mixes
    Straw Mushrooms
    Sugar Snap Peas
    Water Chestnuts

    Frozen Potatoes

    Potato Shells
    French Fries
    Hash Browns
    Specialty Potato Products
    Sweet Potatoes

    Frozen Organic Vegetables

    Mixed Vegetables

    Frozen Berry Fruits

    Dark Sweet Cherry
    Fruit Concentrates
    Logan Berries
    Red Flame Grapes
    Red Tart Cherries
    Wild Blueberries

    Frozen Tropical Fruits

    Melon Balls
    Fruit Concentrates

    Other Products

    Dried Fruits Vegetables & Herbs
    Freeze Dried Fruits Vegetables & Herbs
    Canned Corn
    Canned Corn Cream Style
    Frozen Rice
    Frozen Pasta & Italian Foods ​






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    If you are looking for a way to minimize your costs and need a company to source or sell frozen vegetables, fruits and prepared foods, please contact us. We're a little old-fashioned and we'd like to get to know you before doing business. Please send us an email and tell us about your company and what you're looking for. You can be sure we will respond immediately!

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